Black & white photography tips: How to find the best places for shooting

Whenever I’m planning to go on holiday or just for a short phototrip, I do a previous internet research about the area I’m visiting. I look up particular places that seem photogenic at first sight. I search via google (of course) and photographic websites. For instance, when I went to Bali, I opened a 500px site and wrote “tag” Bali into the browser and it showed me photographs from many photographers ordered directly from the best to the least popular ones. Some photographers even write a comment next to each photo which can also tell you something about the place. When you find the best photographs, check their complete profile, it is very probable that he/she has taken some more amazing photos of this destination and has found other interesting places. Do not hesitate to write them an e-mail and ask them for advice, communitacion is very important in photography. I am always happy, if someone asks me for any kind of advice, this means that people really like your work and that’s great! It actually means that you’re on the right track.

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