• Aluminium Dibond Backing: Beauty and Strength

    Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

    Although it weighs very little, acrylic glass is very shatterproof. All the best characteristics of your photo print are intensified when mounted under glossy acrylic glass.

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    Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

Made to Measure Formats: Your Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

Acrylic glass - Black and White pictures in the living room


We create your photo print under acrylic in the exact dimensions of your choice from mini to extra-large. Available with optional cut or rounded corners. You can also choose one of our special panorama or circular formats, or you can set your own custom aspect ratio.

  • Square, rectangular or portrait formats
  • High-end papers for our true photographic prints
  • Durable, no rips or bubbles



3:2 Rectangular Prints (size in cm)Price1:1 Square Prints (size in cm)Price
15 x 1050 EUR10 x 1050 EUR
30 x 20 90 EUR20 x 2070 EUR
45 x 30130 EUR30 x 30 100 EUR
60 x 40160 EUR40 x 40130 EUR
75 x 50 220 EUR50 x 50170 EUR
90 x 60300 EUR60 x 60220 EUR
105 x 70370 EUR80 x 80300 EUR
120 x 80430 EUR100 x 100420 EUR
150 x 100700 EUR120 x 120600 EUR
180 x 120950 EUR

Photo Prints Under Acrylic Glass Arrive Ready to Hang


The integrated wall-mounts on the back of the picture make it easy to hang it securely. Depending on the size of your picture, we have 3 different wall-mounts included in the standard price:

  • [1] Hooks: for pictures with edges of 25 cm or less
  • [2] Parallel aluminium rails: for pictures with any edge from 26 – 50 cm
  • [3] Bordering aluminium rail: for pictures with any edge over 50 cm
  • Upon request, you can order your Photo Print Under Acyrlic Glass without wall-mounts
  • All of the above are compatible with gallery ledges
  • All products at this website are produced by WhiteWall photo lab


Veronika Lackova

Bratislava, Slovakia / AKMV Law Firm

We bought some pictures from Matej and situated them on our webpage. Some of them are also framed and exposed in our law firm. They look amazing and catch the eye of everyone who visits our office. Thank you Matej and good luck!

Lorrin Baker


I felt like a fine art museum curator when I opened the package. I was both stunned and very pleased to find images that looked exactly as they do on your site but with the added depth and crispness that a physical print adds. They are nothing short of gallery quality! Thanks again for being such a great person to deal with - your art truly is an inspiration.

Jacquie Packer

New Zealand

We would like to offer our personal recommendation of Matej Michalik photographic work. We have selected 2 of Matej’s beautiful images that are a perfect fit with our branding. Our packaging had a strong black and white theme that is complimented by the monochromatic images. Many thanks to Matej for letting us share and enjoy his work!

Michael McNish Creative Director

/ McNish & Phipps

I chose the photo because it symbolised infinite possibility. Focus. Direction. Serenity. It was a bold, beautiful depiction of how something so clean and simple can be so powerful and captivating.

Dana & Shalom Abukasis

Melbourne, Australia

We have been looking for a piece of photography for some time to use as a feature art piece in our home, and we instantly fell in love with the Unda River photo by Matej Michalik. Matej has captured a moment of pure joy on the faces of these young children. The simplicity of the moment and the stunning background together creates an amazing photograph.