How to detect through Google that your photograph was stolen?

Stolen photo

If you are a photographer and offer your photos on your website for sale, there are always some who know how to abuse your portfolio. Today I will show you how to find out where all over the Internet your pictures are hanging. Then you just easily check whether it is with your permission or without. I also will tell you how I proceed when I discover that my photo was stolen.

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How to calculate the exposure time

How to calculate the exposure time in Long Exposure Photography

How to calculate the exposure time in Long Exposure Photography is one of the most important basis that is necessary to learn if you want to become a long exposure photographer. I currently use for photographing of long exposures two filters stacked one on another. I use 10 stop filter – LEE Big Stopper and 6 stop filter  Formatt ProStop IRND 6.  So the total is 16 stops, an example which is shown below is using both at once but I often use separately one or the other. The procedure to calculate the exposure time, however, remains the same.

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Powerful Black and White conversion workflow in Long Exposure Photography

Black and White conversion workflow

Today again we will show a simple  but powerful Black and White conversion procedure. Again, this is not a conversion with one mouse click but judge for yourself whether the result is worth it. I also recommend you to read the article: “From color to black and white using levels in Photoshop”.

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From color to black and white using levels in Photoshop

In this article, we will see one of the techniques that I use every time  I convert photographs from color to black and white. Don´t forget there are always more possibilities how to edit the picture, try to train your own imagination, don´t hurry with adjustments of photographs as soon as you came home from a trip, make the photo a soak in the head and then set to work. If you don´t know what I am talking about, see the article patience in black and white photography.

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Selections in photoshop, how to use them in Black and White photography?

Selections in Photoshop

If you look at my black and white pictures, on every one I took the opportunity to adjust single parts of the photograph separately through making selections in Photoshop. Do you want to work separately for example on sky and seperatly on the rest of the  picture? No problem. For making selections in Photoshop, I use two functions.

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Black and White conversion using Silver Efex Pro2

Do your photographs seem to have little contrast, appear flat, your black is not black enough or, on the contrary: your white literally shines? I have prepared this tutorial for those of you photographers, who are interested in moving their conversions into black and white to a higher level. I accidentally found this program right at the beginning when I discovered my passion for black and white photography and I’ve been using it ever since and I won’t say a bad word about it. You can also find a plug in version for Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture.

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LEE filters for Long Exposure Photography

LEE filters

In the previous article we talked about B+W filters for long exposure photography. You might have noticed that I was using the past tense. It’s because I’m not working with them at the moment and I’m using the LEE filters. I use LEE Big stopper instead in combination with another LEE ND filter. I’ve decided for a change only because I bought a Nikon D800 camera and I’m using a full frame lens Nikon 16-35. This lens belongs to the ultra- wide lens category and I have decided to get a maximum out of the wide end, so I had no choice other than leaving the B+W. If you are novice in this genre of photography, please check my tutorial about how to shoot long epoxusres.

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Long Exposure Photography: B+W neutral density filters

Considering B+W or LEE ND filters for Long Exposure Photography

If you’re currently deciding between filters for daytime long exposure photography, then this article is dedicated to you. I have been working with long exposure photography for some time and I‘ve tried several different filter brands, starting from the cheapest ones to the most expensive filters and filters of the highest quality that can be possibly found. I came to the conclusion that the ideal brands are B+W and LEE. In this article we will take a closer look specifically to the brand B+W from the company Schneider Kreuznach. If you are interested in brand LEE, please read my arcticle about LEE filters for Long Exposure Photography. If you are novice in this genre of photography, please check my tutorial about how to shoot long epoxusres.

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Long Exposure Photography tutorial: Follow my steps.

Long Exposure Photography

Several tutorials regarding the shooting of long exposures can be found on the internet, however, not all of them are complete or easy to understand for absolute beginners. My aim here is to write all the different steps as easy as possible. Do not get discouraged by the lenght of this article, all the steps that need to be taken are covered along with important information which is related to them. You will gradually adopt these the way that you start doing things automatically. Do you use a different technique? I will be thankful, if you joined the discussion to this article and shared your experience with other Long Exosure Photography fans.

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