Australian startup chose my picture for audio cover

My Black and White Photograph was used in the next marketing thing. This time the Australian startup chose my picture for their audio cover. Below you can see how it looks.

My picture covering Australian startup project

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How to detect through Google that your photograph was stolen?

Stolen photo

If you are a photographer and offer your photos on your website for sale, there are always some who know how to abuse your portfolio. Today I will show you how to find out where all over the Internet your pictures are hanging. Then you just easily check whether it is with your permission or without. I also will tell you how I proceed when I discover that my photo was stolen. Continue reading »

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My photos are used for milk and botanical oils made in Bali

Milc botanical spa oils Bali

A few weeks ago I received an email from Jacquie Packer from New Zealand with the following content: Continue reading »

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Top 4 places for taking Long Exposure Photos at Neusiedler Lake in Austria

For some time I wanted to write an article about my top 4 places for taking Long Exposure Photos at  Nesiedler Lake (Neusiedler See). This lake is close to my heart from the first time I was there. Three years ago I started taking Long Exposure photos and indeed since that time I return to this place regularly.

This lake is my training ground where I try to improve my vision. It’s the perfect place to learn how to work with composition. Thanks to the fact that  Neusiedler Lake is almost behind my house I have the opportunity to deal with different weather conditions when shooting. The photographs appearing in this article were photographed in overcast, cloudy sky and also during fully sunny weather. It’s proof that you must constantly experiment. Never give up even when the weather is not ideal.

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Digital Camera World published my architectural photo

The June issue of the Digital Camera World magazine is out and my picture is there. Editor of the magazine chose the photo of the OMV Headquarters Building in Vienna.

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N-Photo Magazine published two of my pictures

The independent magazine for Nikon photographers N-Photo published two of my black and white pictures in the latest Black & White edition.

Rod Lawton, Technique Editor from N-Photo asked me to show original color shots, just to show, how much more effective black and white can be for subjects like this. I said, no problem…
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Fujifilm X20 quick review

Today I bring you Fujifilm X20 quick review. Fujifilm X20 is a new addition to my photo equipment. Again, it will be the review where I would like to write more about my practical experiences with this camera than its technical parameters about which you can learn anywhere on the Internet.

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Which filters to choose for Long Exposure Photos?

I already shoot Long Exposure Photos some time, I dedicate to this genre of photography in a greater depth than probably most of you so I decided to write this article about my experiences and hardships that I have experienced. When buying a lens is often said that it is difficult to advise, you need to try it and already then you find whether it is good for you or not. For ND filters it does not apply and this article, I hope, will help you to make the right choice and thus save your time as well as considerable funds.

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Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in Moscow. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit this beautiful place, this is exactly the place where I always have to find myself. It is difficult to describe the feeling, I think that simply you must experience it to know exactly what I mean.

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Zaha Hadid Architects have created another masterpiece

Zaha Hadid Architects belong among the best architectural offices in the world. They participated on 950 projects in 44 countries of the world. Their latest project includes the campus of Vienna University of Economics and Business. The following article will be dedicated just to this project.

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