The abandoned airplane wreckage in Iceland

When I saw the abandoned wreckage of this aircraft, it  caught my attention so much that I immediately looked for the location of this place. A lot of the most famous places in Iceland are located right next to a famous ring road. But this place is a little out of the way.

Planning your trip in advance is very important. It is easy to find this place, the wreckage is located about 10 km from the town of Vik. Also, you will not even need a 4×4 car. Check this useful guide from Matthew Karsten.

Airplane Wreckage, Iceland - B&W Seascapes/Landscapes Fine Art Series

The wreck of a crashed US DC-3 aircraft

The wreck of a crashed US aircraft In Iceland is located on the beach “Sólheimasandur”. The plane made an emergency landing here on November 24, 1973. Fortunately, no one died during this accident. People say that the plane crashed here because of bad weather. The pilot apparently missed the airport in Keflavik and ran out of fuel.

The wreckage of the aircraft is quite popular in Iceland. But, due to the fact that it is difficult to find I was there for three hours and I didn´t see more than five people at once. So, you can easily take as many pictures as you want.

The weather was fine, there were huge clouds. I mounted the filters and began to take pictures. Black sand, metal gray plane, nice movement of clouds – perfect conditions for black and white long exposure photography. I did some pictures from different angles.

This is such a photogenic place, so I did not even want to leave. Really, at this point, you feel like you’re on another planet.

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