Beautiful architecture of Vienna University of Economics and Business

As you probably know, I like to shoot architecture very much. To this place I was first brought by my friend Dragan, for what I am very grateful to him. It is really a genuine masterpiece of architecture.

Since my first visit to the Vienna Universiy of Economics and Business I come back here almost regularly when I visit Vienna. When I am already losing my strength to find and explore new and new locations, this is exactly where I find my refuge. It is a complex of buildings of so magnificent architecture that from each of the visits I always take home at least one slick photo.

Vienna University of Economics and Business II

View of building from the perspective of Long Exposure

All photographs except for one are again photographed using Long Exposure technique. Because of that I got a view at these beautiful lines that buildings offer from a different perspective. Neutral density filters helped me capture the movement of clouds and thus revived individual images. In postprocessing I also highlighted the contrast on the facade. Its structure is almost perfect for black and white photography.

Vienna University of Economics and Business I


The interior with its beauty does not lag behind the external appearance of each building. How the Vienna University of Economics and Business looks like you can see in my earlier article. Friend executed permission to photograph the entrance hall so we did not hesitate for a moment. And we did well because according to what Dragan said, to get permission to take photographs inside is already not possible. One photographer apparently fell from the floor to the ground when photographed. He was probably so overwhelmed that did not care of himself, well, also such effect can have beautiful architecture on man…

Vienna University of Economics and Business III

I desire to become a student again

It happened to me the first time when I was here and that feeling has not left me. This place has a kind of magic in itself. Just attracts me and I feel about to come back here again and again. The architects did a great job. Because to me the objective should not be only that your work is admired by all who go around but that students feel good inside. And in my opinion, it succeeded. It really seems to me that there does not exist such a standard stress atmosphere and student reluctance to go to school but quite the contrary. As if they all were proud that are studying here.

Vienna University of Economics and Business IV

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