My photo from Bali printed on a large canvas is hanging in Australia

Big print on canvas-2

It is nice to see again that one of my photos is hanging in someone’s home. This time Dana from Australia chose a photo from Bali. The photo was taken at Unda River. Many children especially on Sundays when children have no school play here (yes, children in Bali go to school on Saturdays too). They use to splash water at each other and jump downwards to the river. These are perfect moments when the photographer has many options to make a good picture.

Dana reconstructed her house and chose this picture to decorate her place. She wanted a photo printed on canvas in large size. Almost all of my photos are taken with Nikon D800 and just for this purpose, the large size of the sensor is more than an advantage. Such big prints, 2 metres like this and even larger is therefore not a problem.

Dana sent me a testimonial, here it comes:

We have been looking for a piece of photography for some time to use as a feature art piece in our home, and we instantly fell in love with the Unda River photo by Matej Michalik.
Matej has captured a moment of pure joy on the faces of these young children. The simplicity of the moment and the stunning background together creates an amazing photograph. 

Dana & Shalom Abukasis
Melbourne, Australia

Thank you  for choosing my picture and I wish you all the best.

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