Law Office in Bratislava chose my photos as part of corporate identity

AKMV law firm-3

With Veronika and her Law Office in Bratislava we have already cooperated in the past. In these months, however, her office has undergone several changes. They decided to buy their own premises and completely reconstruct according to their own ideas. I am glad that my photographs have become part of their corporate identity.

Clean, simple design

We have very similar tastes with Veronika. We both like black and white. The entire interior is tuned in these colours, the floor is grey-black, the walls are pure white, also the office equipment is decorated in white.

Black and white photographs printed on aluminium Dibond

The first question regarding the selection of a suitable photo was solved very quickly. As her Law Office is based in Bratislava, the choice was clear. We chose the first photo of Bratislava Castle and St. Martin Cathedral. The second one is favorite pier. Remained only to solve how to print them. We decided to print the photos on aluminium Dibond.

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What is Dibond?

In Photo Lab, they mount your original photo print onto a 3 mm thick, robust aluminium backing using a special adhesive. The base comprises two thin aluminium sheets primed with a platinum white enamel sandwiching a black polyethylene core. This solid material has proven itself in galleries for many years and guarantees your work will have maximum stability. Despite its strength, it is also ultra light, allowing photography enthusiasts to hang their works on the wall easily and securely. The edges are cut with the utmost precision in the exact size of your choice.

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There are normally two options. The first is direct printing on aluminium Dibond and the second one is that the photo is printed on quality paper and then it is affixed to a 3 mm thick, robust aluminium backing. I always choose the second option because I heard from several sources that this is the best solution.

We decided for the largest possible size of the picture

The reason why we decided for aluminium Dibond was  mainly what is the final effect. The whole images gives the impression as it would be printed directly on the wall. We chose dimension 78 x 39 (200 x 100cm), which is also the largest dimension that can be bought. And the photo is really huge. However, it is not a cheap affair, only the costs for such a dimension are about 500 euros. I leave to your assessment whether the result is worth it. My opinion is that definitely yes, in fact this photo acts as a jewel. After about two weeks of the photograph hanging in a law office, I saw nice feedback from their clients. The second photo is smaller, it has 39 x 27 (100 x 70 cm).

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More of my photos will be placed on the new website of the law office

In addition to reconstruction of the office, Veronika is going to launch a new website. It will be published in a month. She also decided to put my photos here so my work became a part of their corporate identity. Beside the same picture which is also in the office, we have placed more of my photos on the website. Preview you can see below.

Law firm website

I thank Veronika for this opportunity and I wish her every success to the future.

If you are interested in one of my Black and White prints, please feel free to contact me.