Fujifilm X20 quick review

Today I bring you Fujifilm X20 quick review. Fujifilm X20 is a new addition to my photo equipment. Again, it will be the review where I would like to write more about my practical experiences with this camera than its technical parameters about which you can learn anywhere on the Internet.

Why did I buy just Fujifilm X20?

About buying a compact camera I´ve wondered for a long time. Often happened to me that I did not have a mood to take my Nikon D800 with me.  It´s because even with only basic lens it is heavy enough for casual wear. Thus, I always have a camera with me and do not think whether it´s worth it or not.

The fact that I´ve been photographing a specific genre, I carry a complete equipment with me explicitly targeted when I know that I will need it. I missed the camera primarily for documentary  purposes for my trips and also the camera suitable to moderately demanding conditions. At the same time my condition was to have a good output with enough resolution for printing photos of moderate size. I chose therefore Fujifilm X20.

Sample photo from Kitzsteinhorn in Austria

This photo I made while skiing on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier in Austria. These are precisely the conditions in which you do not want to pull an unnecessary burden but you do not want to miss the opportunity to make a nice picture. Here comes the compact camera.

FUJIFILM X20 review Kitzsteihnorn in Austria

My vision about this photograph

This photo I called ZORRO. As you may see from the photo, it seems like snowboarder etched the letter “Z“ into the snow.  Often I have a problem how to call my photograph, this time I thought of it immediately after its first viewing it. When you look at this photo, it evokes an impression that snowboarder went from the top and went down hill in one pretty stroke. But the reality is that he went toward the left to the right and the top two traces are from other skiers. Isn´ t it good to have a zoom lens?

Shoot in RAW or JPEG?

Personally in 99% of cases when I shoot with FUJIFILM X20, I shoot directly into the JPEG format because most photos end up in my private album. This photo was also shoot directly into the JPEG. Small adjustments I made in Photoshop CS6 as a local darkening / lightening, adding contrast and sharpening. So far I have not come to a situation when the JPEG would not suffice.

My final conclusion about FUJIFILM X20

Fujifilm X20 is a compact of middle class. It is affordable, has a nice design, good quality lens and output. It produces good results at ISO 400, however, ISO 800 is its maximum, at higher values the noise reflects significantly. In moderately demanding conditions and sufficient light FUJIFILM X20 pleasantly surprises you.