Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in Moscow. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit this beautiful place, this is exactly the place where I always have to find myself. It is difficult to describe the feeling, I think that simply you must experience it to know exactly what I mean.

The largest and oldest university in Russia and the campus are located in a large territory of Leninist mountains, southwest of downtown. This area is so vast that until you get on foot to the entrance of the university, it will take you about fifteen minutes. You walk through a beautiful park when suddenly this spectacular building emerge in front of you. You remain impressed.

Lomonosov Moscow State University is different during the day and different at night. During the day you can enjoy the peace that literally carries in the air. Beside students, this place is also popular for residents and tourists. They come here for the same purpose as me, to take a break, walk and looking at the grandeur suck energy. Immediately I get the taste to go back to school, improve in Russian and forget about everything else. It does not happen often to me because I was one of those students who wanted to leave the school as soon as possible. So it speaks for itself.

At night Lomonosov Moscow State University becomes a wilder place. In two visits of the three happened to me that there took place one big party. I do not know whether I just had a luck or it is a kind of tradition. Anyway, I am glad I was a witness. That night I and my girlfriend did not drink anything and we are not just dance types but this night we wanted to dance away. We look blankly at each other and we say what is going on here? Great music, many people, dance and the ongoing race for the most expensive car models and all this before the university highlighted. Simply say, this town LIVES.

A little history

At Lomonosov Moscow State University are studying about 30,000 students. 11 of its graduates awarded the Nobel Prize. Originally the seat of the university was building on the Red Square in Moscow, at the site of the historic museum. In the years 1786 – 1793 was constructed a new building which served as a university object. In 1812 the building burnt down in a fire in Moscow during the war with Napoleon and later it was restored again.

Brand new location Lomonosov Moscow State University gained already in the years 1948 – 1970. The whole complex is located on 320 hectares with 30 major and 20 service buildings. The main building which has quickly become one of the symbols of Moscow was built in the years 1949 – 1953.

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