Shooting architecture and meeting new friend Dragan

Writing a personal blog should not be just about writing tutorials or tips and tricks. Therefore, I would like to share with you today what happened to me last week.

Why is it good to have your own website and write photo blog?

When I first began to think that I should do my own website, the first thing I wanted was that the site is pure, simple, full of great photographs. Once I started to study this subject in more depth, I found that it is very important to have not only a nice site but a site full of content based on which people will be able to find you.  It is useless if you have a beautiful photos but visit of website is almost zero. A talented photographer remains undiscovered.

Meeting Dragan

Dragan (on the left) and me during our architecture photo-tour.

Dragan (on the left) and me during our architecture photo-tour.

Last week I received an e-mail:

Hello Matej. My name is Dragan and I am an architecture photographer. I noticed your site a couple of months ago – congratulations on your success! I notice we have a lot of similarities – I also love long exposure architecture photography.

It would be great if you can find the time and visit Vienna for a photo-tour together. I am still exploring Vienna and think it has some really great motifs.

Dragan found my site through articles which I gradually add to my blog. And I am very glad it happened.

Except that Dragan is a very nice person, he is also a very talented photographer. Among other things, we have a common hobby and that is shooting architecture, however, he shoots in color. On this website I have written that this blog is dedicated strictly to Black and White Photography. After I met with Dragan and saw his work, I am going to review this slogan immediately. As long as he will have prepared his site with a portfolio, his work will be certainly featured here in my blog.

Click here to see Dragan’s portfolio at!

For now, with the consent of Dragan I join two photographs to let you know what I mean.

"Green Line" by Dragan Jovancevic

“Green Line” by Dragan Jovancevic

"Mumuth" by Dragan Jovancevic

“Mumuth” by Dragan Jovancevic


Finding new places for shooting architecture

I like Vienna very much, it is a city full of beautiful architecture. However, once you are somewhere not at home, you just do not have a chance to find a lot of nice places. Getting to know someone who can help you may mean an opportunity that simply cannot be refused. Therefore, I use this space to thank Dragan and his wife for everything and I look forward to our meeting early.

At conclusion

Although the weather was not very good this day, I attach at least one photo. The place of shooting remains so far under the veil of mystery. Maybe some of you already know it, if not, you have to look forward because I have one excellent tip for shooting architecture in Vienna for you!