Nikon D800 review

Nikon D800 review

Finally on my website you can find Nikon D800 review. Yes, given the time when this camera came out as a novelty, has already passed about a year and a lot of reviews have been written, from amateur photographers to laboratory tests. In this Nikon D800 review you will find my subjective evaluation of this camera, I particularly highlight the areas that interested me when I planned to buy it.

Nikon D800 review

Why did I choose Nikon D800?

I bought Nikon D800 about a year ago and it is my first full frame camera. I decided for some time and as well as others I have been waiting for a successor D700. When buying I had the following criteria. I wanted to move to another leve therefore it was clear that a new camera must be full frame. Since I sell photos in large sizes, the further condition was at least 16 megapixels sensor. Because I like shoot street photo, the last most essential condition was high ISO performance. Let´s go gradually.

Nikon D800 and 36 MPx

When I heard about resolution 36 MPx in a new D800, I was disenchanted like many others. I really did not expect this.  When I read that one NEF file has about 70 Mb, I was even more disappointed. However, I was so eager that concerns of  the resolution went sideways and I just ordered it.

Nikon D800 review

When you look at my gallery you will find that post process in my work is very, very important, even I would say it´s crucial. After the first recording of photographs and subsequent editing (adjustment) I immediately found that my (brand new) computer iMAC27 with processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 and 8GB RAM is on its knees and gasping for breath! Do you think I am exaggerating? Imagine that you are working simultaneously with eight Layers in Photoshop and size of photograph climbs to record 2GB. What do you think about it?

Buy SSD Disk!

My problem was solved faster than I thought. I talked to my brother who versed in computers and I bought Intel 520, 240GB SSD. So I had to put my iMAC in service to put out the system disc and instead of it give this SSD.

The result? Until you do not try, won´t believe. It´s like dying when they give you an injection directly into the heart. And I am not exaggerating! The computer starts in 15 seconds instead of one and a half minutes! And work in photoshop? Crazy fast!

I was a bit carried away, I´ll just say only one thing.  SSD disc should be the most important component in every new computer. It´s the only thing that will slow you down. At today´s  prices I see no reason why not to buy it just now. Now, let´s continue with the main what is the article about and that is  Nikon D800 review.

Suitable lenses for D800

The truth is that to feed 36 MPx sensor requires the highest quality lenses. I personally use Nikon 16-35mm 1:4G ED VR as my favourite wide angle lens. As you may have already noticed, the option to put filters on the lens is essential thing for me. It is an excellent lens in all respects. Better is perhaps only Nikon 14-24mm F2,8 G. Practically I almost do not give it down from the camera.

Then I use Nikon 50mm 1.8 G, mainly for street photos and as tele I have Nikon 70-200 F2,8 VR II G. Buying either one of these lenses can not go wrong.

Nikon D800 Review

Sensor and High ISO performance.

Personally, most often take photos of landscape and architecture. I specialize in shooting long exposures. In this genre there is no scope for increasing ISO sensitivity. However, if for example, taking photos of  street, often set the camera on AUTO ISO and the upper limit on ISO 6400. There is nothing more to worry and photograph looks great.

Nikon D800 review 2013


Conclusion of Nikon D800 review

Nikon D800 is undoubtedly one of the best cameras on the market at all. However, I dare to say that it´s not for everyone. Often people buy expensive thing and then they do not want to accept that it will not be the right choice. I have read a lot of posts from professional photographers, that they bought D800 and after a few photo shoots sold it immediately. For photographic equipment applies the golden rule that review can navigate you to the right path but only you yourself can judge whether it was a good choice or not. Unfortunately with the risk of losing money but ultimately it´s almost in everything.

If you are a professional photographer who photographs often and produces a number of photos per week, also shooting to RAW, probably you will want to sell it in a week. Also, if you are a professional sports photographer, sending current photographs of the match even while it is running, do not buy it!

Nikon D800 review photos

But if you belong to a group of photographs like me, shooting mainly landscape and architecture, probably you cannot ask for nothing better. Extreme resolution captures the smallest detail. In combination with a sensor with such a large dynamic range you will make the most of the scene. There is no room for excuses, behind a failed photo search for yourself.