Black and White photos from Bratislava

Black and White photos from Bratislava

In my gallery you will find black and white photos from all over the world. I really don´t know why I have always been attracted to go to take photos everywhere else just not in my hometown, in Bratislava. I have many classic photographs in my private collection. Surely you also watch a variety of photographic portals and thus come into contact regularly with the same themes and compositions. That´s why often happens that this photograph is not interesting anymore because there is nothing special about it, something what would differentiate it, if just a little bit, from the others.

Black and white photos of the New Bridge in Bratislava, Slovakia

Stand out from others

That is why I like taking long exposures! They allow us to capture a look that is unique. If you use filters,  one photograph never can be the same as the other. Why? Because when you are taking long exposures, a number of factors come into play. The factors are weather, if it is cloudy or just overcast,  how fast the clouds move, in which direction, what exposure time you set up etc. Besides the weather conditions depends consequently on the final processing.


Thanks to all this, then you may afford to say that just you have this photograph and nobody else. It is advantage if the place you take photos know very well and it is just a jump from your house. Therefore you can monitor what weather conditions are and just wait for an opportune moment to leave. Although it seems very simple, it took me two months before I caught the ideal weather thanks to which it was possible to capture this picture exactly as I planned. Learn to use all the potential that offers to you as a local photographer.